La Hacienda Hotels Prevention Policy

COVID - 19

We take our commitment to the prevention of COVID 19 very seriously, which is why, since the first case was presented in Peru, we have designed an action and prevention protocol for the contingency of having a suspected case in the hotel, we have strengthened and improved all our hygiene and cleanliness standards, and we have implemented additional measures to guarantee the safety of our guests and employees.
We are working daily to ensure compliance with the latest guidelines for hygiene and safety, the health and safety measures of our hotels are designed to face great challenges, including COVID 19.
For the peace of mind of all our guests, we want to share our precautionary measures:

1. All collaborators are constantly trained on our protocols for action in the event of a guest confirmed by COVID 19, room cleaning and monitoring.
2. In addition, they were given protective equipment (gloves, masks, safety glasses, biosafety overalls) and supplies to protect their health (disinfectant gel at each work point, ECOLAB washing products
3. We have assigned an exclusive space with all the facilities for personal hygiene, from heated showers, disinfectant gel and basic toiletries, laundry service for daily uniform cleaning, among other measures.
4. As indicated in the norm, a health assessment is provided to the workers in charge of the SSO area in order to know the health condition of the workers before returning to work after quarantine, including the test. discard for COVID-19.
5. The entrance of collaborators is controlled according to our prevention protocol which consists of: measurement of temperature upon admission, disinfection of shoes in the locker room area, leaving clothes in changing rooms, taking a shower, wearing a uniform, Clean footwear and PPE upon entering the hotel and upon entering your work area. Clothes sprayer when leaving work, facilities for washing and disinfecting hands were enabled at each sshh point of the staff.
6. The guest upon admission, goes through a temperature test, we have arranged disinfectant gel dispensers, foot baths for disinfecting shoes and body sprays (dioxidol - disinfectant with Digesa certification) at strategic points, also if necessary epps .
7. We have assigned an established sector of rooms for guests who require isolation, in addition to providing items that prevent the spread of the virus to other areas.
8. We have established pre-check-in / or online check-in as an alternative measure to face-to-face for the tranquility of our guests.
9. The option of sending billing by email is established.
10. The temperature of the guests upon entry and during the stay are monitored, in order to have an immediate action with the health authorities.
11. Guest luggage is checked at the hotel entrance with our Oasis pro 14 product to avoid cross contamination.
12. We have designed an action protocol to be used in the event that any host must be quarantined, an epps budget has been designated which includes the host in case of isolation or suspicion.
13. During suspected and / or confirmed cases, we have a protocol for cleaning common surfaces in hotels with certified products and we finish disinfecting with ozone to guarantee the total safety of rooms.
14. There is a preventive cleaning protocol according to the recommendations of MINSA and the WHO, for safe work and handling of biological waste, gloves, tights and mask, glasses are used.
15. Rooms are cleaned and disinfected with products certified as ECOLAB (oasis Pro 14), a product tested and certified to be effective in fighting the COVID 19 virus.
16. Our standards of cleanliness in rooms are considered especially in the contact points of each room such as: furniture in general, door handles, switches, controls, knobs and air conditioning and especially bathrooms, they are disinfected maintaining our washing cycle, rinsing and disinfection.
17. The food & beverage service has been modified under current state recommendations.
18. All the supplies and materials to be used for the preparation of our guests' meals are kept under extreme control, maintaining BPM and HCCAP criteria and standards to ensure completely safe processes.
19. Regarding the reception of suppliers, we have a rigorous protocol for the control and disinfection of merchandise.
20. We guarantee that all the products we use for cleaning and disinfection comply with all relevant government regulations, records and certifications, in order to guarantee the efficiency of disinfection without jeopardizing the health of our guests and collaborators.

In addition, at La Hacienda Hotels have a crisis management council in which they participate (OSH committee, Occupational Doctor, Head of Processes and Quality.

We reiterate our commitment to take care of your collaborators and guests.

La Hacienda Hotels